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26th May 2010

mlif4:55pm: Only a few days left in the Transylvania Television Fund Drive!
If you haven't heard, TV-TV is raising money to shoot a Halloween Television Special at kickstarter.com

For more information about this Minnesota-based project, please check out the links below!



3rd March 2010

comicdude775:23pm: Princess Leia Sucks?

haven't come across that many comics that put down the ever beautiful Leia. this one's pretty clever, but only a scifi/star wars geek would know what medal Chewie lost cause of her. i have no idea what the reference is to

20th February 2010

mlif1:31pm: TV-TV WSE 2 DVD Release today at SOURCE Comics & Games!
We got a party at the SOURCE Comics & Games this Saturday from 4pm to 8pm (1601 Larpenter Ave.; Falcon Heights, MN) and YOU are ALL invited! Join us for TVTV WSE2 DVD Release, Jim Henson's The Dark Crystal, and "Full Moon Dolls and Puppets Gone BAD" at the SOURCE DRIVE-IN!

If you can't make it in person -- we'll be streaming the event - LIVE - at www.transylvania-tv.com!

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29th October 2008

mlif12:41pm: TV-TV on the Radio!

Check out the pics of TV-TV at KLTK Radio and listen to the podcast:

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13th April 2007

mlif1:17pm: PLANETFALL Special Interview on Slice of Sci-Fi (x-posted)
Cast and crew of the independently produced sci-fi/spaghetti western PLANETFALL are featured in a special round-table discussion on the national Podcast show, Slice of Sci-Fi. Follow the link below to listen.

PLANETFALL recently won a 2006 Bronze Telly award in the Low Budget Non-Broadcast Film/Video category. PLANETFALL was produced by Michael J. Heagle, Troy Antoine LaFaye and Matt Saari from the Minneapolis-based, Carschool Film-O-Rama, Inc. PLANETFALL was shot on location in MInnesota; El Paso, Wisconsin and Las Vegas, Nevada and completed in 2005. It was released on DVD in the US and Canada on Febrary 27, 2007 from Heretic Films.

It features cameo performances from Legendary B-Movie autuer Ted. V. Mikels, Dr. Who's John Levene and Filmmaker/Actor Tyrel Venture.


Cover Art and Promo Trailers Inside:Collapse )
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15th February 2006

on_the_ground5:00pm: Looking for epis of "Now And Again"

I'm not sure if this will work but I've joined this commu because I'd really like to find the episodes I'm missing of "Now and Again" so I think that at least I must try to see if some other fan could help me.

If you could upload anything (or even better, send me a copy on dvd/cd) tell me an e-mail and I'll send you a list of all the shows and movies that I have and I'll be very glad to send you whatever you want in exchange on dvd. (Those episodes I wouldn't need are 1-4, 7 & 11)

So, if you can help in any way and you'd prefer to send me an e-mail, you can do it to: angelachase2002@yahoo.es

Thanks so much in advance :)
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28th October 2004

madamefenris5:21pm: Looking for help
Hello, I have joined this community in order to ask for help. Out there somewhere, there has to be some one totally infatuated with the show “Alien Nation”. I have two questions, the first easier than the second.
What was the name of the human detective main character? And, there was an episode where he had to write a report about a crime family. He used his girlfriend’s computer, and her program that pretty much wrote the report for him. He input the information, then tada! A report. He later gets in trouble for this, when it is found out he knows nothing about what the program wrote in his name… I am desperate for the title of this episode, or the date of original air.
Thanks so much, and hope I didn’t take up too much space.
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2nd October 2004

michelangela5:34pm: I cannot WAIT until FarScape: The Peacekeeper Wars starts this month!!!!

20th July 2004

michelangela8:22pm: I can't believe we won out!

More FarScape coming in October!!!!
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9th July 2004

cyclotron8:57pm: Am I missing something? Is SG-1 ending after season 8?

27th March 2004

red_plum6:19pm: Sarah Lafleur
I was watching SciFi Channel today, and one of the movies on there was one called Terminal Invasion. It's not great, but not annoying either. In it, I noticed this actress, Sarah Lafleur (she played Sarah Phillips). She also played Sarah Boone in Earth: Final Conflict.

I was a little disappointed by the lack of information about her. Does anybody here know Sarah? What is she up to? Are there any sources of information about her?

I made this little page for her here. Yeah, I know, it's a joke, but you have to start with something.

So, does anybody know who I'm talking about?
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18th February 2004

michelangela8:04pm: Hello. I'm working under a new LJ ID now. Same person, new screen name!

(formerly Aibyouka)
librarian503:10pm: Disney enslaves Kermit
But luckily Rigel and Pilot are not part of the deal. (whew)


5th February 2004

mercurykitty12:05pm: "I've been part of so many big bangs..."
Is anyone else sick of the Tripping The Rift commercial yet? My boyfriend and his roommate have the SciFi channel on for most of the day and we've all taken to muting the tv whenever that commercial comes on. Its simply tasteless. >_
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8th December 2003

cyclotron11:37pm: Anyone watch Battlestar Galatica? What did you think?

26th November 2003

aibyouka1:05am: sorry guys, didn't want to confuse anyone...new name at the top of this page, but it's still the same person...ME!! ^_^

1st July 2003

aibyouka7:58am: Yay!!! The return of Daniel Jackson on SG-1!!!!

I SOOOOOO missed him! I'm SO glad I signed all those petitions to get him back!


*hop hop hop*
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28th June 2003

librarian508:28am: Dead zone movie
Blockbuster has a 3 for 2 sale and I picked up a few. The second season of Dead Zone was playing until just recently on SCI FI channel. Since the death of Farscape its been the best science fiction program on TV.

It was the first time I saw the movie and it kind of explained a few of the glossed over questions from the tv weekly show.

If you haven't ever seen this program, the main character, John Smith, is an inventive teacher in love with a girl with only good things in his future. He proposes to his girlfriend and on his trip home he's in an accident. He awakes 6 years later from a coma to find that contact with people or objects forces him to see thing. His nurse touches him and he knows her daughter is being menanced by a fire and insists she call a neighbor. The daughter is saved. His doctor, a vietnamese, touches him. Smith realized he was shoved on a hellicopter as a boy by his mother at the fall of Saigon. He tells him his mother is alive.

The visions are uncontrollable and his reactions to them are often very strong. It's often not pleasant. He tries to avoid them.

In the 6 years, he's missed the birth of his son and his fiance is now married.

I see the third season will start Sunday, July 6th at 10:00. At midnight, Sunday, Zion will be shown again with Louis Gossett Jr. in a guest role. USA Network.

16th June 2003

beefychicken9:00am: Hi! New person here! Well, I watch Star Wars, Star Trek, Star Gate SG1, The Lost Planet, you name it. My dad introdced my sister and I to lotsa old Sci-fi movies and stuff, although I'm a bigger "trekie" than my sister. Here are the Star Treks I watch most, in order, 1 being most.

1. Voyager
2. Original Star Trek
3. Enterprise
4. Next Generation

I would watch all of them more, but Voyager comes on at 10:30, I have to rent the originals, and I DON'T HAVE CABLE!!!!

11th April 2003

librarian508:53pm: Cultural decline
Can there be any greater sign we're in cultural decline:

Friday night SciFi channel lineup

8:00 Cleopatra 2525
8:30 Cleopatra 2525
9:00 Tremors
10:00 Scare tactics

Woe is us.

4th April 2003

librarian5010:14pm: P>You got...Seven of Nine!
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P><STRONG>You got...Seven of Nine!</STRONG> <A href="http://www.selectsmart.com/FREE/select.php?client=scifibabe"><IMG src="http://www.zianet.com/syberjoel/seven.jpg"></A>
<MARQUEE><A e <b the>Click picture to take the: Who is your perfect Sci-Fi women quiz? <a href="http://www.xanga.com/syberjoel">By Syberjoel</a> </B></A></MARQUEE></P>

27th March 2003

mbk_v22:22pm: oops
So let me try that again...

21st March 2003

rccolagal11:34pm: "Listen up Harvey..."
Hi, I'm new here... but the only reason I joined (other than I love farscape!) is too:

BOYCOTT! CURSE LOUDLY!! PROTEST!! AND SIGN THE PETITION! Maybe we can get it back! I know it may be a vain hope, but hope is hope, right?

The petition of DOOM!! Or maybe the petition to save FarScape!

And while you are waiting for this site to load you can visit:

This is the Save Farscape website! You can make posters to hand out/post!

This link is for my beloved Canadian friends! (Not that I have any friends!)

Save our beloved Crichton and Aeryn!!

Once again, my standard warning: this will be cross posted in other communities! Sorry, I just want to get the word out.
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